Campus a place to be

As a student one of the most dream place to be is in campus. A place free from parental rules, school rules and even personal rules. I can say personal rules because you have come to a place where you can even do away with your own rules in the name of experimenting life. There is no one to watch you and keep reminding you of what you ought to do.
All you know is the slogan “you only live once. ” that is why there are all type of characters in campus. 

As much as education is at the back of your mind as a student and the soul purpose of coming to campus,  pleasure and enjoyment becomes the number one priority. You try to balance between books and fun but at the end you let go of the books as they are always boring and non enjoyable. Fun on the other comes in all exiting forms drugs, alcohol, parties, name them which attracts you physically and mentally. 

So fun it is. You decide to get friends who will fit your click and will agree with you that fun is what matters. Clubbing becomes the day to day norm, going to parties take place on a weekly basis and holding parties once in a while becomes the trend. Tricks in acquiring money for all the activities from your parents become normal “mum we have a project which requires…. Remember am doing  ‘engineering’. ” The naive parents do as told. 

As the semester drags by, nothing like education clicks your mind apart from concerned friends who remind you about continuous assessment tests which you pay that student in need of money to sit down and do them for you. Campus life can either break or make you. What matters is how you decide to lead your life. 

The internet 

The internet is a whole large field that allows a person to explore herself or himself at all angles like a football player. As a student the internet is part of my life as I entirely depend on it. The internet does half of the work that am to strain working on and presents it on my table leaving me to only spoonfeed. 

The internet allows me to get in touch with my teacher in times of need, when I need clarity and at times in handing in my assignments. Being in touch with my schoolmates is another opportunity that the internet offers. We get to discuss, ask questions and not forgetting to socialize. At this a lot is learnt and shared through the internet.

Through the internet news spreads so easily across nations and you get to be updated on information such as trending books for information, other upcoming and improving institutions offering courses that as a student you would love to do. 

The internet is a home of research where you get to access information just at the click of search. The internet helps you be able to do your research as it contains a variety of books from different authors who have shared their work through internet. This also extends to a point where some authors have practically given clips of their work which provide more understanding to the learners. 

Also the bulk of carrying my books everywhere I go is reduced as I can access the books I need through the internet and be able to learn any where I go with the internet.Through the internet am able to share my ideas, post my art work, my kneading skills and many more ideas as it is a marketing ground that can earn me extra pennies for my upkeep.  This also markets me as  a young upcoming enterprenure to the world of enterprenures. 

The internet is part of me. 

My Course

Counseling Psychology is the application of psychological(study of human behavior)  knowledge to the practice of counseling.

Counseling is a way of relating and responding to another person so as to help the person to expore his/her thoughts,feelings and behavior to reach a clearer self understanding and then is helped to find and use her strength so that she copes more effectively with life and make appropriate decisions or take relevant actions.

Counseling occurs in an interactive relationship with the aim of helping a person learn more about the self, and use such understanding to enable the person to become an effective member of society. In counseling the helper expresses care and concern towards the person with a problem, and facilitate that person’s personal growth and brings about change through self-knowledge. The helper is able to help his/her client if the client is willing to help the helper understand him/her through saying and sharing what she feelings and wants.

Counseling psychology is a course that must earn a four-year undergraduate degree and typically a master’s degree,to start practice. Throughout the undergraduate degree the students learns skills and techniques that she/ he is expected to apply in future to the client.

Counseling at a tender age helps boys and girls learn to deal with the problems they encounter in their daily lives and equips them to become adults.

If you walk to the life of normals be assured to get no normal being…counseling comes in handy to help the perceived “normal” be ‘normal’.